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The CSU Extension office in El Paso County provides assistance and programs for citizens in Horticulture, Consumer Science, Natural Resources, the Business of Agriculture, and 4-H Youth Programs.

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We are looking for some volunteers to help out on Super Saturday, March 4 during a couple different shifts. This opportunity is only open to teenage (14 and above) 4-H members, parents and leaders. If you volunteer, the $5 admission fee will be waived–though you will still have to pay any extra fees if you choose to attend classes with additional costs.

We have three volunteer shifts available and are looking for 7 people per shift. If there are specific presentations you would like to see, please keep that in mind when you sign up.

Thanks for lending a hand!

Contact Dan Smith if you have any questions–719-520-7698 or

Setup shift–8:15–10:15 AM

Middle Shift–12:30–3:30 PM

Takedown Shift–2:30–4:30 PM

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What Total Spots Available Spots
What Total Spots Available Spots
Setup Shift--8:15--10:15 AM75 • Sign up »
Middle Shift--12:30--3:30 PM77 • Sign up »
Takedown Shift--2:30--4:30 PM77 • Sign up »