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Producer Class Nomination

Producer classes are classes for exhibitors who raised their own show animals in market sheep, market goats, market swine, market beef and breeding heifer projects so that individuals who breed and raise their own show animals will be recognized.

In order to participate in the producer classes, you must be signed up for the corresponding breeding project in 4HOnline. It is not required that the competitor exhibits the Breeding Project at the County Fair.

The rules and nomination procedure are the same as for all species. 4-H members are limited to nominating 10 animals. You must be enrolled in the breeding project; the animals must still be nursing; and the animals must be tagged, notched or tattooed by the producer.

Organizational Club leaders must verify nominations to assure the animal was born at your place of residence; this must be done while the animal is still nursing. To nominate an animal, the organizational club leader should take a picture of the animal with its dam so that any distinguishing marks are visible (this should be accomplished prior to the animal being weaned). This picture along with a written description of the animal as well as sex, animal ID or tag number (some form of identification on the animal such as ear notches on swine, tattoos for goats, etc. must be used) must be submitted below by the following the deadlines.

Market Cattle and Breeding Heifer nomination Deadline was January 31, 2017.

Market Swine, Sheep and Goats nomination Deadline is April 29, 2017.

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