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The CSU Extension office in El Paso County provides assistance and programs for citizens in Horticulture, Consumer Science, Natural Resources, the Business of Agriculture, and 4-H Youth Programs.

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El Paso County 4-H Communication Hub

If you have information you would like to place on the El Paso County 4-H News Feed , this is the place to do it. As long as your information has countywide 4-H relevance, you can use this tool to get the word out. Information posted here will generally be placed on the website within 2-business days. The more complete (and edited) information you provide, the faster we can get it available for viewing.

We will still be sending out a monthly newsletter, but it won't contain any information that you can't already find on our news feed. It will essentially be a summary of the news elements that have already been posted. This will allow for the quickest dissemination of information to all El Paso County 4-H participants.

We are currently working on tools for better intra-club/intra-committee communication, but please just use this tool for county-wide information. If we deem the information inappropriate for the news feed, we will contact you as to the reason.

If you have any questions regarding this process, contact Program Assistant Daniel Smith: 719-520-7698.

Insert any raw text information you would like to see posted in this space, if you have a document/image/or other information you would like to see posted on the CSU Extension El Paso County 4-H website, you can upload it at the bottom of this form.

Which section(s) of 4-H news would you like your information placed? All information will be posted on the main 4-H news feed.

4-H Dog News4-H Horse News4-H Livestock News4-H Shooting Sports News4-H Small Animal News4-H Tabletop News

Is this an event or deadline you would also like placed on the 4-H calendar? If so please insert the date/time/location information in this text box. You can add multiple events into this entry.

Attach any files or images you would like posted on the El Paso County 4-H website. Accepted file types include: .pdf .doc .gif .jpg .jpeg .zip .png.